Jendayi Maji Berry // Jedi Maji



As above, so below. It is my essential belief that the natural world gives us great insight into who we were, are and can be.  This macro/micro perspective is shared by many who understand the Universal Truth’s and Laws that govern the dualities of our existence. It's all relative and yet it is within our nature, as bodies of water and beings of light, to muddy and distort our reality. Through my work I seek to tell stories and give examples of these distortions in an effort to neutralize the noise, correlate perspectives, and ultimately clarify some truth.


For Jedi, creating art is simply an act of purpose and has always been so. In his world, living one’s purpose and inspiring others is the greatest gesture of gratitude for the gift of life. With each gesture Jendayi seeks to act as a conduit of The Most High, pulling motion pictures from his visions into reality. His hope is to ignite the kind of beauty and fairness that we all deserve. 

His work sits at the cross-sections of art, storytelling, activism and innovation. Pulling from a wide array of inspirations and mediums, Jedi is constantly looking for cool ways to present paradigms shifts with topics focused on love, excellence, social justice, nature… and of course, his hometown.

Most apparent in his work is the idea of duality and perspective which he uses as tools to manifest a shared understanding in the world. And with each collection and project Jedi calls into question the status quo by using symmetry, layering, movement, color and light to pull viewers from one perspective to the other. This approach has ushered his work into a space where his work is distinctly unique and recognizable. 

In his next phase of work, viewers can expect to see a deeper dive into his previous collections that draw directly from his experiences and focus on current issues of race and identity in Minnesota.

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