Jendayi Maji Berry // Jedi Maji
outspoken Minneapolis based Fine Artist
CEO at JBA | J.Berry art

As above, so below. It is my essential belief that the natural world gives us great insight into who we were, are and can be.

This macro/micro perspective is shared by many who understand the Universal Truth’s and Laws that govern the dualities of our existence. It's all relative and yet it is within our nature, as bodies of water and beings of light, to muddy and distort our reality. Through my work I seek to tell stories and give examples of these distortions in an effort to neutralize the noise, correlate perspectives, and ultimately clarify the truth.  


The eldest of two light-eyed boys born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jendayi Maji Berry is the offspring of a Prophet and a Firefighter and since childhood has shown extraordinary promise in a number of creative fields. Yet he is best known for his visual art pursuits. Multi-panel abstract acrylic paintings brimming with vibrant colors and bold movement epitomize Jendayi’s work.
As a self-taught artist, Jendayi’s middle years were filled with travel to amazing destinations – Israel, Holland, Amsterdam, Jordan, Japan, and Jamaica – these journeys have continued to inspire Jendayi’s work today. His “from the ground up” series is a visual travel journal where abstract landscapes and rambunctious wildlife are seen from an underground perspective. In his later years, Maji would go on to study Architecture and Project Management.
Within 8 years as an independent artist Jendayi has experienced group expeditions at Minneapolis Institute of Art, RAW Artists Minneapolis, Public Functionary, Envision Art & Fashion show, MN4MN’s blank Canvas Exhibition, Tres Leches gallery and a feature on HGTV. His work has been mentioned in L’etoile Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, and Mpls.St. Paul Magazine.
As a member of @GiantStepsMN and @FaceForwardMN, RAW Minneapolis’ production assistant, and co-recipient of 2 MEDA grants (S/o to Amani Berry) he continues to contribute to youth arts education scene. You can find his work online @